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45 years distributing Emergency response equipment and counting

Polytek Building Supplies (PBS) officially distributes ISO certified high quality emergency response equipment for over 45 years, helping workplaces to protect the health of employees around the world. Offering solutions for industrial, education, transportation & commercial by reputable manufacturers such as HAWS. The same brand utilized and trusted by Alpha Owens-Corning (AOC) a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of resin chemicals.

Emergency Eyewash stations and Showers stations

PBS offers Emergency eyewash stations and Emergency showers for schools, laboratories, healthcare facilities and industrial plants, providing the response capabilities to minimize chemical injuries for employees. Facilities should have emergency eye/face washes available for employees, in areas where hazardous materials or chemicals may be stored or utilized. Our range of eyewashes are available as wall mounted, freestanding, while our showers are available as wall mounted, free standing or ceiling mounted. PBS also offers portable eye wash stations that are gravity fed and light enough to be carried by a single individual into worksites or first aid situations.  


Emergency Showers and Eyewashes meet regulations for LD and CCOHS

In order to meet “Chemical safety in the workplace” regulatory requirements by the Occupational Safety and Health Branch of Labor Department (LD) of Hong Kong, Appropriate emergency equipment should be included, Emergency showers and eyewashes. 

According to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). The first 10-15 seconds after exposure to hazardous substances are absolutely critical. Delayed Treatment even for a few seconds, may cause very serious injuries, especially when corrosive chemical are spilled on an individual. Emergency showers and eyewash stations allow employees to decontaminate and wash away hazardous chemicals to reduce personal injuries. 


Our Products


High Performance Eyewash Solutions

PBS distributes HAWS, a class leading name in Emergency equipment used by governments, universities, and large manufacturing companies. HAWS Emergency eye wash has several major advantages, The inverted flow design is consistent with medically recommended method for flushing chemicals from eyes, while the laminar flow eye wash fountain heads ensures consistent pressure levels comfortable for the user. All eyewash units are certified to ANSI standards and available as barrier free units to ensure an ADA friendly facility.


Powerful Emergency Showers

To keep a facility safe from Chemical injuries, select a PBS Emergency shower. Upgrade a facilities’ safety equipment to ensure the safety of your staff. The easy activation features for the drench shower are useful in Emergency situations, such as a wall mounted pull-down lever or an extra long pull rod.

The AXION showerhead from HAWS eliminates uneven water pressure to produce non- injurious flow. To meet your facility budget with economical options, the Axion series can also be retrofitted onto old emergency showers, allowing facility owners an affordable yet safe solution to meet new compliance standards. All Emergency showers from HAWS meets ANSI standards and available with barrier free models. 


Combination 2 in 1 Units – Emergency Shower and Eyewash

Combination units contain a hydrodynamic shower and a Chemical resistant ABS or 300 Series stainless steel eyewash bowl for an efficient all in one solution. The all-in-one units are available with outdoor and indoor models, quickly activated by easy-pull rods and low-resistant push panels. The combination shower and eye wash units are space saving and provides the maximum comprehensive protection, since it has the ability to flush any part of the body. It is ideal for an operation involving many hazardous chemicals. 


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Contact our Emergency Equipment Experts for free to learn more about Emergency Showers, Eye wash stations, Combination 2 in 1 Stations, in addition to portable emergency eyewash solutions. 

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