Drinking Fountains

PBS is a distributor of a complete line of high-quality, 100% Lead Free, touchless, ADA drinking fountains, Bottle fillers and electric water coolers for your specific project needs. Our company supplies drinking fountains for outdoor and indoor venues. PBS has distributed hydration products with over 20 years of experiences, we offer trusted and professional hydration brands such as Haws.

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3 in 1 Hydration for everyone (Bottle Filler, Drinking Fountain, Dog Fountain)

Haws offers the Modular drinking fountain tower that offer 3 in 1 functionality. This is a perfect drinking fountain for parks. A Modular Bottle filler can be paired with a drinking fountain at human heights, while a dog fountain can be extended on the Ground level. The Bottle filler and drinking fountain can be mounted on modular pedestal arms designed for pre and in-Field placement and variation. Ground level dog fountain is made from Heavy duty 12 gauge stainless steel, with foot activated button, allows for pet owners to easily supply their animal with a cool flowing stream of water.


Strong durable finishes – Type 304 Stainless steel, Enameled Iron, Concrete

Finishes we offer include Polished, satin finish, Type 304 Stainless Steel, Enameled iron, powder coated aluminum construction. For outdoor applications, a Heavy-duty, 5000+ PSI compressive strength, steel-reinforced concrete finish is available, allowing the fountain to outlast anything.


Pure water, more water – 100% Lead free, Fastest Bottle fill rate (1.1 GPM)

Haws water hydration products have a 100% lead free water way, Filter service life of 1 year or 3,000 gallons (11,356 L). The bubbler produces a Laminar water flow which produces a more consistent flow for a pleasant drinking experience. HAWs bottle fillers are also lightning fast, with Industry-leading bottle fill rate (1.1 gpm).


Hygienic Touchless Fountain Sensor

Touchless or Hands-Free Sensor-activated drinking fountain and bottle filler are offered, the sensors are activated via simple front motion. Haws fountains and filling stations are a hygienic alternative with Integral anti-microbial properties in key components.


ADA compliant, Rounded edges for safety

HAWS fountains and filling stations are Barrier free models offering full ADA access, with high-Low models with Adult and Child ADA compliance. HAWS fountains are designed with Rounded edges to prevent mishaps and other accidents.


Bottle Filling Stations


7 Million plastic bottles are thrown away everyday in Hong Kong. Choose the Green choice with a Bottle Filling Station.

The Hong Kong Environment Bureau estimated that around 58,000 to 79,000 tonnes of waste plastic bottles were disposed of at landfills each year from 2010 to 2014.*  7 million plastic bottles are disposed of everyday in Hong Kong.

Installing bottle filling stations in Public Parks, Shopping centers, Education Institutions, Offices and other facilities go a long way in encouraging people to bring their own reusable bottles, promoting a sustainable practice while reducing waste generated from disposable plastic bottles.


Featuring HAWS Bottle Filling stations

HAWS bottle filling stations are offered in recessed and surface-mounted versions, the wall-mounted units are ideal for applications with high traffic such as sports centers or shopping centers.

The Lifecycle Control filter has a filter replacement indicator light on wall-mounted devices. The color of the front panel LED filter indication light changes to indicate the status of the filter. Antimicrobial compounds are used in essential components to prevent them against mold and mildew growth.

HAWS filling stations feature 3-Year warranty. ADA compliance.  Latest models are available with Touch Free sensor for hygiene, high capacity Filter life of 2,500 Gallo,  standard in built Self-cleaning purge features, and optional Electric water Chiller.


HAWS Bottle Filling station meets health standards – NSF/ ANSI standards

Both wall-mounted units are tested and certified by CSA against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of chlorine (taste and odor) and against NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for the reduction of lead and 99.9% cysts, NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Section 9, NSF/ANSI 372, CSA Standard B483.1, and California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953).


Color and Customize your HAWS Drinking fountain or bottle filler. Our team can help create a personalized product solution to fit your needs.

  • Add Custom logos to highlight your brand
  • Select the right color Haws fountain to match your facility’s design
  • Custom finishes and configurations available

HAW company background

Ingenuity is the Haws culture. Every day we work to address your needs and solve your challenges by applying imagination and initiative to make your job easier. Haws is committed to improving the health and safety of our global community by providing customer focused hydration, safety, and tempering solutions. With more than 8,000 distribution locations and 250 employees worldwide, we continually focus on quality, service, reliability and complete solution support.

With the invention of the drinking fountain in 1906 by Luther Haws, the Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Company formed in 1909 in Berkeley, California. During the 1950s, Haws introduced emergency drench showers and safety eyewashes into its manufacturing line. Establishing headquarters in Sparks, Nevada in 1996, Haws continued expanding, opening various global locations. In 2018, the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations awarded SHARP status (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) to Haws.

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