Baby Changing Stations

Baby Changing Stations- Important for 73% of parents

Baby-changing stations are an essential part of your establishment. According to a national survey, parents value public institutions that provide safe, sanitary facilities for their children. In fact, they are more loyal to “family friendly” restaurants and retailers and spend more money there.
Furthermore, 73 percent of parents are more likely to visit businesses that have baby changing stations. Is your establishment prepared to accommodate the demands of your visitors? Koala Kare is renowned for its excellent products and services in accommodating the demands of company owners and operators as well as satisfying the needs of children and caregivers. Our range of safe, innovative, durable baby changing stations offer solutions to meet the needs of your business and the families who visit.

Polytek Building Supplies (PBS) is Koala Kare’s Official Preferred Authorized Distributor in Hong Kong and Mainland China for over 39 years. Purchase Koala Kare from PBS for Unrivalled Peace of Mind. 

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What makes a good, efficient and safe baby changing station? 

3 Tips to creating an Efficient & Safe baby changing station 

  1. Good Changing stations ergonomically positions your baby at the optimal height for a change. Top diaper brand Huggies recommends “Picking a surface at a comfortable height that doesn’t require you to bend over. Your back will thank you.” (Huggies*)
  2. A combination of pinch free side walls and straps, a well designed changing station makes the diapering process safer for your child and peace of mind for adults.
  3. Changing pads are a handy tool to that provide a cushion for your baby, they also make it quick and hygienic way to clean up any mess. Choose 3ply changing pads for high infant comfort and water resistance. 

*Efficient Changing stations by Huggies 


PBS distributes childcare products, including a variety of baby changing stations from world-renowned brands including Koala Kare. Our changing units were created to assist public and private establishment operators in meeting the needs of parents and children of all ages. The following features are included in our line of safe, thoughtfully built, and long-lasting baby changing stations. If you have anything to consult or inquire about, let’s talk



Our Baby Changing stations 


Strong and durable: Support Up to 300 LBs, Unibody steel chassis 

Our Baby Changing stations are designed with minimal deflection from 90 degrees. Our stations depend on model has been tested to support 200lbs to 300lbs (137kg). Unibody steel chassis is built into the bed and wall. Gas spring mechanism ensures smooth open and close. Steel on steel hinge has greater resistance to wear and improved durability


Contribute to Leeds Certification- Up to 48% Total Recycled material 

Koala Kare Baby Changing stations contribute your projects’ LEEDS certification. Depending on model, Our changing stations are constructed with 16- 48% Total recycled materials. Learn more about The KB101 that uses sustainably recycled materials of 46% content. 


Design and materials:  High Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Type 304 Stainless Steel 

Koala Kare Baby Changing stations are available in 3 different type of materials, Polyethylene, polypropylene or Stainless steel.  The high-density polyethylene or polypropylene is easy to wipe down and available in four versatile colors, it has an internal unibody steel chassis for superior strength.

The Stainless steel finish is a one-piece, deep-drawn, uniform grain Type 304 stainless steel with no seams, sharp edges and weld lines, and provides a modern visual aesthetic to match modern restroom design and décor. 


Safe design – Fully rounded design, Replaceable Nylon Straps

Provides smooth, concave changing surface resulting in comfort for the baby as well as maintenance cost containment with the absence of pinch points, crevices and other dust and dirt collection areas. The Seamless design eliminates any seams, sharp edges and weld lines that could hurt infants. For security during diaper changes, Koala Kare baby changing units Includes replaceable nylon safety straps to ensure a safe and secure diaper changing process for parents and babies. 


Peace of mind with Five Year (5) Warranty 

Koala Kare warrants that baby changing stations will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, with proper maintenance, for a period of five (5) years.


Fully compliant with ASTM, EN, TUV and ADA standards

Fully compatible with ASTM and EN standards. Certification by TUV. When installed correctly, Changing stations fully complies with ADA regulations. The new units have been built to meet a wide range of international accessibility standards.


Antimicrobial Baby Changing Bed surface – Microban®

Microban® antimicrobial, a Koala exclusive, is used on our bed surface to reduce odor-causing germs. The bed surface is made using Microban® antimicrobial product protection, and the performance of the additives has been validated by ISO 22196 testing.


Thoughtful features – Bag Hooks, Integrated Dual Liner Dispenser, tumbler locks

Almost all Koala Kare baby changing units feature an integrated Dual-cavity liner dispenser. The dispensers have an integral spring tab that dispenses one liner at a time, each dispensing cavity has the capacity to hold 25 Three-ply Bed liners minimizing operator refills. 

To avoid vandalism, the dispensers are equipped with tumbler locks. A convenient bag hook for properly storing a diaper bag or purse off the floor, as well as instructive graphics, are other considerate patron amenities that enhance the end-user experience.


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