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Our Hand dryers are silent, powerful, efficient

Choose from a range hand dryer units that harmonize with your restroom’s design, enable significant cost and resource savings, ease janitorial workload and comply with ADA accessibility requirements. PBS is a trusted hand dryer supplier to grade A offices, theme parks and government institutions for over 20 years.   

Hand dryers have long been associated with excessive noise, high energy use, long drying periods, and institutional architecture. However, our Hand Dryer series provides modern alternatives that can address these issues in a variety of building types.

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Explore essential automatic sensor hand dryers that feature Green Spec certification and ADA compliance, with advanced technology for ultimate hygiene with institutional and commercial grade application. Available models include wall mounted hand dyers featuring surface mounting or recessed, premium material finishes and standard certifications such as CE and ADA. PBS is proud to distribute world class brands including Bobrick, Gamco and more. 


Consider the most important factors when specifying a hand dryer

  • Energy saving:  A low-wattage jet dryer can assist in reducing the energy impact of hand dryers, particularly in high-traffic areas. Reduce your energy costs by using low-wattage operation. 
  • Design: Many hand dryers have an institutional aesthetic. Low-profile stainless-steel units can elevate design. Support a high-end look with distinctive, low-profile ADA compliant designs
  • Noise Levels:  Excessive or unpleasant noise might have a detrimental influence on the patron experience. A hand drier with a low decibel (dBA) rating can help ensure proper acoustics for your project. Specify a quiet model that corresponds to the calm experience that customers may expect.
  • Water spill: Water splashing and puddles are common complaints about hand dryers. A drying alcove with Ceramic water absorbent base can capture and evaporate excessive water, lowering maintenance while increasing safety and hygiene. 


Important features when considering a Hand Dryer

Fast drying Speed- down to 15 Second dry time 

One of the most important factors to consider when evaluating the quality and utility of a hand dryer is its speed. No one wants to spend more time than necessary in a commercial establishment’s restroom. Hanging out by the hand dryer for 50 seconds or longer is not high on the list of things people are willing to do with their time.

Many high-speed hand dryers are priced in the mid-range – think USD $300-$650 – and can yet claim quick drying periods. The difference between 12 seconds and 40 seconds may not seem like much in most situations, but when it comes to getting out of the bathroom and back to one of the many things you’d rather do, it makes a significant difference. Bobrick’s DuraDry B778’s dry time is rated at 15 seconds. 


Long lasting, Durable, Vandal Proof

Air inlets is equipped with vandal resistant grill and mounted with vandal resistant screws. Heating elements are inaccessible to vandals and protected by automatic thermal-overload switches. Bobrick hand dryers are designed to be long lasting as well, the B7125 has lifespan of 7,500+ hours and can last more than 10 years in high-traffic restrooms

Whisper Quiet– only 72 dBA

Bobrick’s QuietDry Series is only 72 dBA (Decibles) versus brand X at 83 decibles and Brand D at 85 Decibles measured in a semi-reverberant laboratory setting. 

Peace of Mind – up to 10 Year-limited warranty 

B3725 Recessed and B-7125 Instadry carry a 5 year limited warranty. QuietDry, DuraDry, TerrarDry and TrimDry models carry at 10 year-limited warranty 


ADA standards compliant

Every project owner must take care to follow ADA requirements when selecting a hand drier and installing one. You may not have anything to worry about if you use professional hand dryers that are meant to be positioned low to the ground. Those fastened high up on the wall must be positioned in a location where blind clients will not run into them suddenly. To comply with this regulation, purchase a hand drier with a depth of less than four inches. The majority of Bobrick hand dryers are ADA compliant with 4” projection 

Best in class Energy Efficiency. 200 Watt. Up to 80% Cheaper than leading brands

The B-125 Insta Dry is The most energy efficient jet dryer on the market for unsurpassed economy. With a best-in-class 200-watt output and a drying duration of less than 12 seconds. With a power consumption of 200 W, many devices can be put on a single circuit breaker. Other energy efficient brands are less energy efficient; for example, Brand X Eco has a power rating of 0.5kW and Brand D has a power rating of 1.0kW. Annual operating costs in high-traffic locations can be as low as USD $12.60, which is up to 80% cheaper than other leading brands.

International Standards Compliance. CE, UL and ADA 

Hand dryers we distribute are CE marked, UL listed and many models are ADA Compliant for accessibility requirements. 


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